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tv   Today  NBC  June 5, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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back-pedaling, unless it's an embarrassment to his family or catherine is upset with him. or somebody's up set. i thought the reasons for that, i think it's an important conversation to have. because so few people. remember the whole thing with president clinton, what is sex and kids are having it all the time and adults are, too. they don't realize what a risk it is. >> you know what was weird. i was googling around a little bit. >> of course you were, that's the way you roll. >> and something weird popped up that i was unaware of. >> are you naked in it? >> no, i was clicking and it said dental dam. i was like, what is that? you know when you click on something and you regret it and it keeps popping up. >> what is dental dam is some kind of a condom for oral sex. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was weird, i never even heard of it. >> that's why i never heard of it. >> i couldn't escape the website. >> now i get it.
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>> okay. >> i mean my gosh. is there anything romantic any more? >> no, it's not. it's all -- >> you better get out the dental dam. >> oh, woof. that was weird. i had never seen that. and it seems dangerous. >> what if, you could get hurt wearing that thing. >> anyway -- >> let's move on. >> i don't get it. >> i saw it there are all kinds of, it's weird, lots of colors. >> does it come in designer colors. >> on to something fun. >> yes. >> if you think being on the cover of "aarp" magazine is fun, we had the best lunch yesterday. >> we really did. we are cover girls for this magazine, and -- >> such nice people and we had such a good time. >> they did the reveal at the luncheon, the really nice people there. that's our whole crew from the "today" show who came and hung out with us. so thanks to everybody. and thanks to meg grant, we loved her. >> meg grant is the person who did the actual interview and
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people love her and people are getting their magazines today. i've done, too many of these things through the years, you know? and you never know what, what you're going to get. you just don't know. you don't now how the picture, what pictures they're going to pick. you have no control. i've done interviews with people that then i've been surprised when the magazine came out because it was so different from what i went through during the interview. and i've actually had two writers in during my career, who wrote me afterwards and said i want to apologize for what was in that magazine. because that's not the way i wrote it. the editorhanged it and one person actually left the whole business because he said, she says she was so upset that she was used that way. this one -- we love. she quoted us properly and she listened. >> and we were in bathing suits. which was very unusual. >> and there are satellites in the sky. >> yes.
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>> and i hope everybody on that set that day -- oh! yeah, there are a few surprises on the inside. >> jerry, you're crazy. >> that's one thing nobody wants to see, believe me. >> there's a contest out there for if you are a beautiful face over the age of 50, aarp is looking for real models. so today they're going to kick off the search. so real people model search. they want people to embrace their age. >> male and female? or just females, everybody? >> still checking. >> anyway, you want to be able to share your secrets for living the good life. so there are going to be seven winners. seven winners will be flown to new york for a photo shoot and you're going to be in an upcoming issue. so go to and can you figure out all of those details. >> i didn't realize, this goes to 39 million people. it's in every dentist's office, i don't want to say dental. every dentist's office, cover girl, hoda, i'm going to insist
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that you join me on dogs and life. >> that's the next one. facebook, is it okay to wear white to a wedding? we're going to ask you to join us on facebook. >> i don't want to know. >> set it up. >> yomt to know. >> here's the thing, i was going to bobbie's wedding at your house and it was hot. i don't have any dresses except the ones i wear to work. >> some people buy new things. >> that doesn't look that wonderful at all. that dress, i had it was like oh, my god, i have a dress, it's off-white, cream and i wore it, it's short. i didn't think anything of it. >> you actually looked smashing. >> apparently people were mad. >> the only person who should have taken umbrage is bobbie because it was her wedding. she didn't take umbrage at all. and while we're at it, let's ask this question, why was bbie wearing white? why does anybody wear white any more. what's the point? >> so anyway, unless you are an
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8-year-old bride. >> she meant 18. >> i don't know too many -- >> she meant 18. >> so here are the people who wrote in. >> i don't know many of them, either. >> kathie lee is apologizing. >> no, i'm not. >> yes, you are. >> i'm apologizing. >> one writer wrote in, why did you wear white and that's disrespectful. >> you had no identify? >> i don't think about that kind of stuff. when i got married, i don't remember if anyone wore white. >> did you wear white at your wedding? >> yes. i did. >> and i also don't notice if i'm at an event, i don't care. but maybe it's unkind. i don't mean it to be. >> it's a long-standing tradition. just like don't wear white before memorial day. who made up these rules? anyway, one viewer wrote, i love you, but what were you thinking?
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arntly not at all. >> here's how emily post addressed the subject. a reader wrote in asking if it was okay to wear a cream lace dress -- >> that's what i wore. >> like hers to a wedding. >> and what did peggy say? >> she said yes, today wedding guests can wear cream or white for that matter, as long as the outfit doesn't say "bride." for example, your short lace cream sheath doesn't look bridal. >> i don't even like it now, that i saw it. why did i wear that? >> can i be honest? i thought you never looked so great, you looked stunning. so did christina maria. >> she looked awesome. >> that's the way she is. >> if you would like to vote on whether you think it's okay to wear white or cream to a wedding, go to and vote. i'll be curious to see what people think. most people seem mad. maybe they're not going to like it. >> most people didn't like what i was wearing. >> why?
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>> you looked comfortable. >> you looked fine. >> no, i -- i had been battling septic problems an hour before that wedding. you wonder why my hair was in a scrunchie? you try that. >> so tomorrow is a big day on the show, the voice, you guys. now there are now six contestants and one is going to be cut. we're going to try to decide right now between the two of us. who is going to be cut? who is going to be eliminated? sasha allen is team shakira. amber carrington is team usher. and let's just roll it and see. hollie tucker and danielle. >> we don't know. ♪ ♪ ♪ ain't know way ♪ and i'm crazy over you
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rock me, momma, any way you feel ♪ ♪ hey momma, rock me ♪ ♪ he wants the same things too ♪ yeah, this is my wish ♪ little bit, little bit stronger ♪ ♪ yeah >> we got confused. we don't know. >> i wanted to take down their names and -- >> here they are. >> i don't want them now. >> we have to do it again.
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during commercial break. so i can -- would you not talk this time and let me hear them sing? >> you didn't have the right names. >> i don't care what team they're on. i want to hear them sing. oh. >> who is -- >> you cut them. from all your talking apparently they all should be because i couldn't hear them. >> the finals are tonight. we'll find out tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. >> who do you think should be cut? >> i liked them all. i was confused. i was trying to help you. i got two confused. >> help me? >> we will re-lack that, and i'm not talking about our cover. and we will listen calmly and quietly. >> when? when are we doing that? >> during commercial break. >> i want to be able to do it right now. >> penelope cruz, good for you, she's 40 and she's a bond girl. >> she's a bond woman.
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>> she's hot. >> she's drop-dead beautiful and sexy as all get-out. if you can't be hoda woman, you should be penelope cruz. what's the cut-off date, like maxim magazine, 59? >> apparently. they've been after her for a while and daniel craig is 45. and so i think it's going to be nice to see him with a woman more age-appropriate. >> and halle berry is 42. >> she's 42 as well. >> 40, also. >> 40 -- as well. who are you picking? >> i want to give it a quick shout-out to my friend susan, she's here with her family just visiting us. thank you for coming and saying hello. >> did you know this, if you get an aarp card, hoda. say you go to rent a car, you could get like 30% off. it's unbelievable. check what the discounts are. jerry is liking what he reads. >> honestly go to their website and find, you say you go to -- you get a ticket at a movie theater? >> they make you show the card?
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>> so what. you have to be 50? >> you got to get your card. keith got his at 45. i don't know. >> can you get a card at 45? >> go to their website. shall we? >> we're confusing everybody. she got a haul pass and left the high school stage in lima, ohio. >> jane byrnes. >> she can tell us all about that. rerack it and right at the commercial break.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jane lynch is best known for her iconic role as a brash cheerleading coach on "glee" which scored her an emmy and a golden globe award. >> she returns to her theater roots in a role known as the awful but wonderful miss hanigan, in the tony-nominated revival of "annie" on broadway.
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stop it. she's fantastic in it i hear. i've had spies out. >> oh good. >> are you having a blat? >> i'm having a blast. i haven't been on stage in 20 years. >> i didn't know you were a singer. >> the jury is still out on that. >> we just came in. >> was that you or --? >> that was me you just heard, on "glee." in the carol burnett key. >> that's the one i did it in. >> it's like we're at the zoo and we're the animals. >> no kidding. >> what was the feeling when you first walked out on stage? >> oh, it was that, you're a stage person. it's the energy that courses through your person that you're terrified and thrilled at the same time. and you know, someone were to put a knife into you, you wouldn't feel it. because your adrenaline is going. it's the best feeling in the world. i love it. >> and it's a show that holds up so well. >> so brilliantly written. >> the music is gorgeous.
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>> and you fell so in love with those little girls. >> i did it for five weeks and i cried backstage every time she would sing "maybe." >> me, too, i sit back there and lula crawford. >> look at you. >> i was black and blue all over. >> i had -- it looks like dorothy loudoun in that one. i played it very drunk. it was at madison square garden and you wanted the little kids in the back to be able to see. are you black and blue when you're done? >> i'm not doing that so much. i do trip up the stairs at one point and i really do stub my toe, because i'm method. and i have -- cramps in my legs all night long from doing stuff like that. >> tell us, you're very busy. you've got a new nbc show coming out. >> celebrity game show. >> "celebrity fusion." >> sean hayden is notorious for
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his game nights. they're so much fun. he choreographs them to the nth degree. they're kind of a famous thing, game nights, we play these kind of silly games, pop culture references and that's what we do in this show. you don't have to have read tolstoy. but do you have do know madonna's different hairstyles. >> or you have to know -- >> she was on the show. >> i was on the one -- "name that cereal." >> because you love cereal. >> yes, i do. >> you see pictures of famous cereal, raisin bran, or whatever. it's games like that. >> thought-provoking. >> you're usually the -- >> emcee. >> we're going to turn the tables on you. >> i love it. >> we're going to say, you'r going to guess the celebrity name and we're going to give you clues. >> okay. >> "life is a cabaret." >> liza minnelli. ♪ apple bottom jeans
2:22 am
♪ boots with the fur >> you're too off for me. >> south of georgia? >> south of georgia? is there such a thing? >> long, skinny guest? >> flo rida. >> okay. >> blue ivy. had a baby. >> beyonce. ♪ people >> barbra streisand. >> yes. >> this is so fun. oh, oh. >> daniel -- >> day-lewis? >> no, elton john? >> yes. >> how did you know that -- >> you are a genius. ♪ he's my brother >> one of the beatles -- >> paul mccartney. >> cabaret -- >> you already won. you won. >> $1 million! great, i'm quitting broadway, i've got my million.
2:23 am
>> no, here's what you got to do, you got to promise me to get christopher guest to get everybody back together for one more show. >> if i had it in my power. >> i have a feeling he hasn't sung his last song. >> that ensemble is great. good luck with everything. >> thank you. >> look at our coral pink. >> it was in the stars. >> a good girl gets her revenge. >> "the devil wears prada" is back and better than ever. right after this. what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why
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i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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remember the bitchy boss in "the devil wears prada"? >> rewe allowed to say that? yes just said it. we're going to talk to the author of the new book "revenge wears prada." >> i feel terrible i said that. >> you know how we talked about who was going to be cast off?
2:28 am
>> i said amber. >> the brilliant singer. >> only the little bit of song that she sang didn't show range or anything. >> we're going to the ballpark. >> we're going it talk about what foods to eat and what you like to do. it's a game, you get a prize. >> okay, we'll be back after this.
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we're back on this booze-day tuesday on "today" with the much-anticipated sequel to "the devil wears prada" that went on to become one of the hottest chick flicks. >> love that movie. >> yea. >> >> it starred anne hathaway and meryl streep. and they meet again in the new sequel called "revenge wears prada." >> it's nice to see you. >> it's been ten years, we've been waiting. >> we've been waiting. >> and you've written a couple
2:31 am
of books in between. >> i have. >> it's not like you've been sitting eating bon-bones after that $300 million box office. >> i thought i really want to see what's going on with these characters. >> it was a ten-year time period in their lives. >> yes, i did not pick up right where the book leaves off with andy's big f-you moment. >> that was a big one. >> yes. >> she's ten years older, and she has her own magazine now. >> she's different, she's married. >> right when you open the book. you've not giving away too much because she's getting married right there at the top. >> getting married. editor in chief of her own magazine. i'm not giving away too much when i say she's back, paired with her old nemesis, emily. >> i loved her. >> and they're best friends now. >> how did that happen? >> got to read to find out. >> okay. so during this ten-year period, even though you were writing other things, were you fomenting
2:32 am
in your mind, you know what, oh, what if she got married? and or is it, did you just leave it alone. because i love to write and i'm fascinated by other people's process. >> i've always been thinking about it. always. i love these characters, i hope other people do as well and i thought it would be so much fun to go back and check in with them and so much happens in your 20s in ten years. what happened to andy? >> and she evolves andy's character a lot. we remember her, she evolved a lot in book number one. >> she did, she's definitely grown up. she has a lot more confidence. she's like we said, she's married, she's an editor now and you think of course, just when everything is going really well -- >> of course -- >> she's back. >> now we know in real life you worked at vogue. >> yes. >> with anna wintour. did you ever hear from her? what's it like to run into her now? >> is she nice to you? >> i've been writing books, i'm knee-deep in changing diapers. our paths are just not crossing.
2:33 am
>> i was not at the met ball. >> so -- if you ran into her -- hypothetical, if you ran into her like on the way out, what do you think she would do? >> i am not sure about that. i'm not even sure if she would -- >> what would you do? >> would she say hi, nice to meet you? >> nice to see you again. >> oh, that's right. >> when you see the film, when you saw the first film, was it true to your book and do you think there's going to be a sequel coming out? >> everybody would love that. >> i would have although that. >> i loved what they did with the movie. i thought it was so much fun and you're like, you're not supposed to say that as an author. never love what they did, i thought they did such an amazing job. how do you beat that cast? that's as good as it gets. they were incredible. >> you know that meryl puts on that wig and those clothes and she's unbelievable. >> we wish you great luck. >> everybody is going to be
2:34 am
beating down the door for this book. >> and you look the same as you did ten years ago, it's really, really annoying. >> thank you. >> that's when you're supposed to say, you too. >> and i'm going to see lauren tomorrow at bryant park. >> hoda going to be doing a q&a thing with her. >> come on out. >> thanks very much. we are heading to the ballpark for a little competition. but who will strike out? >> all the stats on those fatty foods that you love to eat, right after this. the makers of one a day believe, as i do,
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that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need. buy one a day women's, make a difference. get nutrition they need. what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy.
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time for madelyn's food fight. today we're taking you out to the ball game. >> if you're looking for something healthy at the concession stand at the ball game, you're probably striking out. what are your best options? our diet and nutrition editor, madelyn fernstrom is about to put us to the test. >> i know you girls eat a lot of ballpark food.
2:39 am
ever place has got a version of a haut dog. this is chicago's version, it's got onions, tomatoes, and it's a foot-long. >> does your chicago hotdog have more or less than 800 calories? >> what? >> good. >> i say it has less than 800. >> i say it has 950. >> it has more. what is more familiar than peanuts and crackerjacks. here we have six ounces of each. there's more crackerjacks because it's fluffier. which one is lower calories? >> peanuts. >> no. >> i was going to say that. >> the crackerjacks have 600, but the nuts have 1,000 calories. >> how do we know how many nuts are over there?
2:40 am
>> you know how many nuts are over there. >> i can't see anything. >> i have one. >> so, i got that one. >> you got that one. >> so even on that -- heart-healthy fat, i want you to tell me how much fat is in this container, can you see it this far? >> no. >> okay. no, you're the expert, you tell us. 50, 75 or 100 grams of fat. hoda? >> what were the answers? >> 50, 75, or 100. >> 75. >> kathie lee, you can finish strong. >> 100. >> 100, you're right. >> just a guess. >> now we're going to move on to, we're going to have a true and false. it is possible to buy some raw veggies and hummus at a ballpark. true or false? >> yes, it's true. >> only if you're at a ballpark in egypt. >> no, good one! >> let's switch to some liquids and see what we want to drink at the ballpark. here we have three 16-ounce drinks, one of these has 200
2:41 am
calories, the other has more, lemonade, the cola or the smoothie. >> the cola has 200. >> yes. >> that is absolutely true. >> let's -- >> come on, kathie lee, keep trying. >> i'm right here. >> let's check out the beer. >> the 16-ounce draft beer. does this have 200, 300 or 400 calories? >> 400. >> no. >> 300. >> no, 200! >> all right, madelyn. >> enjoy yourself. so a lot of ballparks have expanded food offerings, not just hotdogs any more. something popular is a brisket sandwich on a nice roll with barbeque sauce. now you're going to walk this off. if 100 calories is about a mile, if you walk a mile you burn 100 calories, how many miles to work this off, six, nine or 12? >> nine. >> you are right. about 900 calories.
2:42 am
>> the tiebreaker. okay. >> you had nachos, now think carefully. >> listen carefully. how many hotdogs, plain, regular hotdogs are equal in calories to these nachos? is it one, two, or four? >> four. >> it is four. >> and -- >> that looks so darn good to me. the hotdogs, the nachos and the beer. >> look what i got! >> yeah! >> oh, my god, i got a good one. >> this is a great one. that's a great one. >> okay. >> i wish it was kathie lee. >> she doesn't roll that way. a mom using facebook to save the lives of people she has never met. >> and how you can, too, coming up right after this. high there, i'm meter rottle alex wilson. today we'll be watching for
2:43 am
stor stor storms severe storms in texas. you have your plan in action in case a tornado warning is issued for your area. up towards chicago, minneapolis, and thunderstorms down it the sunshine state. 86 for orlando, 87 for new orleans. on the west coast tomorrow, things are quiet. and we're going to see high heat into parts of sougth west. we've got temperatures around 110 degrees in phoenix. still rain down in the orlando, highs aroundle 3. upper 60s and low 70s for boston, and nyc. as we get into friday, rain showers for the east coast. 59 in boston, 67 in new york. 90 in orlando.
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atlanta highs near 80. chicago, going to be around the mid-60s. saturday we'll keep showers along the east coast with temperatures around 76 in new york. near 90 in dallas, texas, texas. sunday, dry on the west coast. temperatures around 66 in san francisco cisco. monday to start offer the new week, we will be watching for more showers and storms up into parts of the northeast, down into florida, more rain for you. highs 92 in houston, 92 in denver. weech weekday morning you can "wake up with al" and stephanie abrams. all the fun starts at 5:30 om. ♪ ♪
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right now, there are 118,000 people in this country who need an organ transplant. but sadly, 18 people will die every day waiting.
2:47 am
>> our friend and digital dude, kyle michael miller, is here with the story of one indiana mom who is here to bring that number down by using his facebook page. >> you guys are going to love this story. >> uh-huh. >> such a great story of hope and inspiration. something we need a little bit more of. we use our facebook page here every day to have fun with and connect with all of you guys who watch the show. but leah created her page for a little bit different reasons and now she's changing lives all over the country. >> any day i get to see these two is a good day. >> jerry wild is sitting between two women who helped save his life. >> i want to dance at my daughter's wedding. and becky and leah have made that possible. >> when jerry's kidney developed cancer three years ago -- he didn't know how much longer he had to live. >> i really felt like time is running out here. >> doctors told him there was less than a 9% chance he would find a match. so he turned to social media.
2:48 am
>> i saw a status update on facebook from jerry. it mulgs -- mentioned -- >> i need your help. >> meet leah, she's jerry's former college student, a busy stay at home mom with three kids and she knows how to get things done. >> i knew what i had to do, was to make jerry's situation real for everyone else. the page was the perfect place to do that. today's feature page has 25 likes. >> so tech-savvy leah set up a facebook page called, find a kidney for jerry. >> i knew it would reach a lot of people and i had hoped it would work. but i wasn't -- i wasn't sure it was going to work. >> jerry's page started getting liked and shared all over facebook. >> becky melton, a complete stranger, was one of the first people to see it. >> immediately, it caught my attention. >> that week, she had been praying to god for a greater purpose. >> when i scrolled across that page, something did just click in me and ever since, it was like, like thank you, god, this
2:49 am
is what you had for me. >> it turns out becky was the perfect match for jerry. >> it's the most fulfilling thing i've ever done. >> leah now spends about three to four hours a day managing a facebook page called find a kidney central. >> i feature a page of the day. >> she promotes other kidney pages and helps people create them. like for leona jones, a mother of five whose life turned upside-down while on dialysis. >> i had always been the strong one and i was always hands on with my kids. my husband took over and i had to learn a whole new life. >> a stranger named susan saw her facebook page and wanted to give leona her kidney. but she wasn't a match. two hours away, a teen named lucas also needed a kidney, his aunt peggy wanted to donate. but she wasn't a match, either. through a paired donation, doctors connected them. peggy gave her kidney to leona and susan gave hers to lucas. >> it seemed like everything just fit. >> it fell together perfectly. >> it makes me feel like i get
2:50 am
more chances to do stuff in life and actually live my life and i am thankful for that. >> i got to help not only one person, but two. it was, it was more than one blessing. >> now you guys are like a family. >> right. >> right. >> you're not blood-related but you're kidney-related. >> right, exactly, yeah, very much so. >> i asked him if he's taking care of my kidney. >> are you? >> yes. >> i love you, jerry. >> i love you, too. >> three kidneys, a new family bond. all thanks to a friend's facebook page, helping give the gift of life. >> how sweet is that. kyle is here with david fleming, the president and ceo of donate life america. a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to increase the organ donations around the country. great job by the way. >> terrific job. >> you hear stories like this probably every day. but the average person doesn't hear about this. it seems rather miraculous, the whole thing. >> absolutely. it's an incredible miraculous thing that happens every day and
2:51 am
primarily through the generosity of donors. >> do you think social media just changed the game? is it upping the organ donations? >> particularly for living donations, social media, what an incredibly easy way for people to get the word out on a massive scale. it's sort of the new telephone, if you will. you can call a couple hundred people at the same time. >> it's heart-warming to know there are still people out there that are that loving and that giving. we hear so much about what's wrong with human nature. and hearing about people like that, that will go -- >> for a total stranger. >> total stranger. >> felt like, i need to donate. >> and that's my purpose. >> what can you do, kyle, if you want to? >> you can register right on your facebook page. i have mine up now. you go to your timeline, you hit life event. and you can hit health and wellness organ donor and then you can actually go to the different, you can register in your state right here. put that location in. put why you want to register and then you can share it on your
2:52 am
page and so people know about it. >> good job. nice job. >> lovely to meet you. thank you, thank you. >> all right if you feel like your skin is aging -- faster than you are, we're going to help you slow down the process at any age. this is today on nbc.
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♪ ♪ if you're 50-plus like some people, then you know age and gravity start rearing their ugly heads on your body. >> your hair starts to lose its luster, your skin starts to sag. so johnson aarp's beauty contributor has products to help you survive the summer. >> hey, lois. >> take us down. >> sunscreen, first. >> there's a new study out of australia that says wearing sunscreen slows down aging. so everybody has got to do it. and some companies really get it. the fda has a new ruling.
2:56 am
now look for sunscreen that says broad spectrum uva/uvb. like neutrogena. >> which always does great products. >> and we just put this one on. >> this is fantastic. >> l'oreal. >> that's going home with momma. >> that's the only time hoda will wear sunscreen. >> i like it, it smells so good. >> it has argan oil in it. so everything de-aging. new body serums, because we're showing more skin, showing our arms and legs. >> whoops? not that skin. >> this is a serum. which means it's very concentrated. >> so you don't need as much? >> you don't use as much, but you get more. >> where do you put that? >> and this is -- >> it's a weird application. >> this is sit tight. it has caffeine in it, it gets rid of all the cellulite. >> that smells great. >> i love that. what's next? >> cc cream. you don't want to wear a lot of makeup during the summer.
2:57 am
this is it cosmetics. and this is super goop. >> what's super goop? >> it has a tint in it, you're wearing your tint, your sunscreen and all your de-aging stuff. >> the kitchen sink in everything. >> for the eyes, eventually we're going to take off our sunglasses. >> what happens to those? >> you either want retinol, which is dr. brant glow or minerals, copper zinc magnesium. >> you put it underneath your eye? >> and it makes wearing eye makeup in the summer a lot more fun. >> cc cream again, this time for your hair. you know our hair gets dry and brittle. >> yes. >> it takes back the shine, makes it feel like healthy hair. >> when do you put that on? >> you style your hair with it. >> or wear it at the pool or at the beach? >> if you put your hair or a pony tail. >> done. and one more thing, this is color well. it's got a tint in it i don't want to spray it on you, because it's purple.
2:58 am
you foam up your hair, it has more volume and it counteracts yellowness and brown. >> tomorrow, the big home show. we've got the five hottest home trends. plus how to get curb appeal in staging your home to get it sold. >> is the show over? >> yes, thank god! >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you so call me at 1-800-743- cnbc. it's a two-camped market. despite these two real nice tents, nobody likes a two-camp market, especially when both
2:59 am
camps agree that it's time to sell. a major reason why this was so awful. s&p 4.5%. what do i mean when i say that this is a two-camped market? well, there's one group of people who are hoping for weaker data. keep the federal reserve from closing the noose on equities. this is an extremist camp in this one. and stocks hang in the balance every time anyone on the fed, anywhere, any one of these fed chiefs says a thing. these were the people who reacted with gloom when fed chief ben bernanke chose to speak about real life rather than tapering when he gave the commencement address at princeton this weekend. of course, others are ultra hyper taper watchers, the


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